Posted by: Molly | March 15, 2012

Day one … life in the dish

The embryo’s are growing right along.  10 were mature and 8 are still growing!  woohoo!  Better than last time I think.  I should go back and look.  Still working my way off the caffiene – this must be done by transfer day, which could be as soon as the day after tomorrow.

Posted by: Molly | March 14, 2012

Retrieval Day!

Retrieval went very well and we got 12 eggs! Now onto the waiting for a phone call tomorrow to update us. It occured to me last night that I have a lot of shots coming up. I will be learning to do them on my own since hubsters is out of town for work for a few weeks soon. PIO on my own?
Oye vay.

Posted by: Molly | March 13, 2012

Onto Retrieval!

Retrieval is tomorrow!  Starting the PIO tonight. Praying it all goes smoothly and we get enough for a baby!

Posted by: Molly | March 9, 2012

stim on!

Stimming is coming right along and our wonderful donor is doing great.  Crossing my fingers for 11 or so eggs.  Looks like it might another 5 days to retrieval.  My lining is nice and fluffy and my numbers look good too.  All that really matters is the end result, but I would LOVE to have some to freeze this time around.  We aren’t talking another baby after this, but I might not mind entertaining that thought.  And if this one doesn’t work out then we can do a FET and not the whole process all over again.  Heavily leaning towards just transferring one.  Twins would be alot and would make daycare very pricey.  Not pricey enough to quit my job, but pricey enough to make some major lifestyle changes.  All worth it I’m sure.  Still there is the matter of possible bed rest and being less mobile with an almost 2 year old to chase.

Very much looking forward to my first night away from the little guy.  He’s a great baby, but I think he can survive the night without me.  And to sleep in…  what a dream that would be.

Posted by: Molly | March 1, 2012

Almost stim time!

My donor is starting stims next week!  This time we are sharing the donor again and I’m in the #2 slot.  Hoping to get 8 eggs.  Praying to get more.  Obviously we didn’t make it to freeze any last time and that was a huge bummer.  DS is a dead ringer for his daddy so maybe it really doesn’t matter.  I can’t believe we are doing this again and I’m so much calmer this time.  Almost like when you first start ttc’ing and have no idea it’s not going to work on your own.  Ignorance is bliss?  The Del E shots are going well.  Going in for another scan in a week or so.  Pray for a thick lining please!  I’m feeling good and back to my pre-pregnancy weight from DS.  Problem is that was 10 pounds above my ideal.  argh.  I’m going to have to be very good for this next pregnancy (god willing!) so I can shed it all again in the first year and then some.  Ha who am I kidding.  It’s so hard to lose weight!  Highly recommmend only gaining 20-25.  More than that and it would be real work to get it off.

For anyone out there thinking about donor egg I highly recommend doing it.  It’s easier than that IVF cycle you might have tried and failed and failed and failed at.  If you’re like me you tried several times and I know it sucked.  Really sucked.  You probably shed lots of tears too.  I have several nicely painted rooms that I took my tears out on.  Had to work it out of my system somehow.  Finally the seal the deal for was…  it is so nice to know you are the biological mother and control the growing environment too.  There are so many great programs out there.  I do have a special fondness for Shady Grove though.   They rock!  My nurse is awesome.  And I had lots of great egg fairies to choose from.

Posted by: Molly | January 13, 2012

time for another one?

I think I’m ready for another – and I’m very blessed we are able to add to our family.  I believe in watching for signs that I am making the right choice – not just about having another baby, but all things in life.  We had to have some papers witnessed for another cycle.  While waiting for the witness in the lobby the little guy made friends with another person also waiting.  We make small talk.  He tells me he has 29 grandkids!  whoa.  Those are some good genes.  The next day while going to mail the paperwork I saw a beautiful sunrise.  A gorgous happy day.  Our insurance has fallen into place.  We are blessed.

So now it’s time to pick another donor.  The egg fairy is not available.  I’m very sad.  Little guy is the best thing ever.  Love him dearly.  Is it me nurturing his nature?  I sure hope so!

So off we go!  Eek!  So many things to start thinking about.  Scheduling vacations or holding off?  One embryo to transfer or two (ok jumping ahead…)?  Boy or girl (ok way ahead)?  Blue eyes?  Green eyes?  Whiz kid or music genius?

It’s weird looking around at the bloggers who were here when we went round #1.  So many lived have changed so much.  Some make me smile – others I’m sad for.  Dreams achieved and dreams lost.  Life is so unpredictable.

Posted by: Molly | October 28, 2011

almost a year!

Haven’t been around in a really long time, but my hope is others find hope in my blog.  It’s been a great year in many years.  Baby Boy is growing into toddler boy and he brings us much joy.  He’s at a fun age and can’t talk back just yet.  He does talk a little and that’s fun if you can figure it out.

Many issues abound with donor egg in my mind.  To tell or not to tell and who to tell.  Not telling is something we are sticking with for now.  We will tell him at some point and in my mind its up to him if others need to know.  I’m sure my thinking will evolve over time.  Another blogger once said once you tell anyone you can’t take it back.  The word is out there.  People love to gossip and what better thing to gossip about.  eee gads.  Ready for another?  Yep.  No babies on ice so back to square one.  Boo on that one.  Egg Fairy did make some other dreams come true this past February when she provided the chance at the gift of life to other parents.  Appears that she probably is done in that area.  Bummer for us because our baby is such a happy baby, but each child turns out different so finding a similar donor will be my goal.

Bless those beginning this journey!

Posted by: Molly | January 10, 2011

He’s Here!

Baby Boy arrives on December 13th!  It’s been a long month of busy baby stuff and recovery.  

Labor was really long.  It started with my water breaking.  We got to the hospital about two hours later to be admitted and I was only 2 cm.  So we held off on the epidural.  I did get some zofran and stadol – I was puking and in pain.  Not pretty.  Within 2 hours of that I was dilated to a 7, which we didn’t know and was in a ton of pain.  I was begging for the epidural and they didn’t think I could be that far along, but I was.  ugh.  So in went the epi and they got my room ready for delivery…  12 hours later he arrived via vacuum.  Joy oh joy. Once I hit 9.5 cm they couldn’t get me to dilate any further.   That part actually wasn’t bad, but the stitches after still hurt now.  I asked how many stitches and my doctor – who has a great sense of humor – told me that I didn’t want to know and he wasn’t telling me.  At least that made me laugh.   

He’s a great baby however and we are enjoying our little family.  Already talking about going back for number 2 in a year or so.  I love the little baby stage so much and am trying to make the most of it.

Posted by: Molly | November 2, 2010

34 Weeks!

So I fell off the bloggy wagon.  It’s been crazy since the last time I posted.  Had to cancel a vacation due to spotting.  Then I was in the hospital in labor and then I was sent home.  ugh.  On bed rest since about 29 weeks and while it might seem that I would be on the computer more I am not.

Baby is doing awesome and is on target for his size and weight.  I am holding steady with my weight gain too – about 18 pounds so far.  Not overly hungry I guess.   Bed rest has been ok.  Lots of reading, talking on the phone and some tv.  Hoping to hang in there a couple more weeks and maybe until Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Molly | September 14, 2010

27 weeks!

I’ve been awful about posting – sorry!  Life is flying baby.  Baby boy is doing great and moving lots.  And lots.  Had the full flip thing down pat and is best at it around 2 am.  I think he’s even hiccuping now.  Weird to feel for sure!  I’m feeling pretty good and got an appetite back right after my last doctors appointment.  She said weight gain is right on target and ummm…  well I have to go again tomorrow just two weeks later and I’m not up 5 pounds from that appointment.  Only up 16 overall so I can see a chit chat coming.  In my defense I didn’t notice I had an appetitie for the first week and then I weighed myself.  Now I am paying way more attention to what I eat.  Apple pie still made the list this week it is after a fruit – right?

Had a dental check up last week and I was totally dreading it.  Not that my gums were bleeding or I was having problems, but I still gag when I brush my teeth.  The thought of her sticking those tools in my mouth and touching my tongue for 30 minutes was not on the top of my list.  I did manage to wait until I hit the car to lose part of my lunch.  joy oh joy.  As I was leaving the dental tech, who I know does not have children in her early 40’s told me to enjoy every minute of my pregnance and that she was jealous – now she laughed, but I know it must sting to deal with pregnant patients too.  She did make the comment about how she hopes the baby gets my teeth because hubby’s are awful.  I had to laugh – he’ll be getting that gene from my donor I hope, but I didn’t tell her that!  I do know she has great teeth so that is in my favor and something we share in common.  Just weird to take that complement from someone. 

I am very grateful to my donor is a way that  I can not express fully.  Trying to think of something nice to send through the RE’s office for her.   I know they don’t tell them of successful pregnancies, however I could still send something as a rememberance or thank you.  I do feel the baby is mine in a way I can’t fully explain either.  Still feels weird to feel those kicks and see my huge belly – as in is this for real?  Am I really pregnant?  How’s he coming out?  OMG!  He’s got to come out some way.  LOL!

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