About Me

To give you a bit of our history here is a brief (haha…  who am I kidding?) timeline…

Jan. 2006 – begin the ttc journey with a check on my man and the discovery that he has no swimmers.

Feb. 2006 – urologist identifies the problem and clomid therapy begins

May 2006 – clomid therapy is working!

June 2006 – we start tcc’ing the old fashioned way

April 2007 – BFP!!!

May 2007 – Miscarriage at 6 weeks

July 2007 – start clomid therapy myself and also have an HSG.  One tube freaks out, but might be open?

September 2007 – try an IUI – BFN

October 2007 – Another IUI – BFN

November 2007 – IUI – BFN

January 2008 – A new RE…  discovery that my FSH is 15.6

February 2008 – decided to give IVF a shot

March 2008 – A new RE in a new state.  IVF to start in April

May 2008 – IVF cancelled with 4 eggs.

July 2008 – Another shot at IVF – another cancellation

October 2008 – one more IVF – one more cancellation

November 2008 – try a new RE closer to home

February 2009 – Another IVF – another cancellation

July 2009 – one last IVF with one last protocal – one more converted to and IUI…  BFN!

August-October 2009 – discuss our next move!

December 2009 – giving egg donation a shot!  Meeting one more new RE at SG is DC.

37 years old…  lots of time left!  Not so sure about the patience part!

Dec. 2010 baby boy arrives on the scene after being blessed with an egg donor.


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