Posted by: Molly | February 5, 2013

it’s been a while

like almost a year since I started the last cycle.  To update anyone who happens across here it was a success in all senses of the word.  One little baby and 5 frosties!  Oye.  Why couldn’t we have had those frosties the first time.  Well now I know because then we wouldn’t have this sweet little girl that we now have.  Very uneventful pregnancy this time around.  No bed rest, no bleeding, no pre-term labor and a very short delivery.  4 pushes and she’s here.  I did opt for the epi and thank god I did because it was messy after.

Life with 2 is much busier.  Heck it was obviously busy with just one because I totally negelected my blog.  So that’s my little update.  If you’re thinking about donor eggs or in the process of making your baby don’t give up hope.  It can and does work.



  1. Congratulations! So great to hear your news.


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