Posted by: Molly | April 5, 2012

Great Beta!

First Beta is in, actually so is the 2nd and they are both great numbers and are doubling nicely!  Such a relief.  Ultrasound in a couple of week – eek. Start to feel a bit yucky, but maybe it nerves.  The smells are hitting me hard – I work with a ton of stinky people come to find out.  Things that taste good…  lemonade, sour jelly beans, strawberries, cranberry muffins and french fries.  Pizza is sounding good for lunch today.  Hope it’s got lots of garlic.  Poor baby.   My pants are a wee bit tighter, but no weight gain yet.  Thinking I might check out my stash of maternity clothes soon.  You know see what  I need to buy this time around.  The timing is very similar so I might not need much.  And I know what I like so I do know I need a few things.




  1. Glad to hear good news! Now the countdown is on for the u/s.


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