Posted by: Molly | March 16, 2012

grow babies grow!

Time for a happy dance!  So far so good – so good in fact we are heading hopefully for a 5 day transfer!  I will find out tomorrow!  Fingers crossed we get a couple frozen this time for future cycles.

So the big debate.  One or two at transfer?  Can I handle twins?  Most certainly I can handle whatever I am given.  Will it upheave our lives.  Most certainly just adding another baby to the mix will do that.  I’m in favor of waiting until the day of transfer and discussing it then.  If it appears none will make it to freeze I’m all for two on board.  If there are three good ones I’m all for one on board and two on reserve.

Since starting the pio I’ve noticed my belly appears pregnant already.  Too much food or weight gain?  The scale is not showing a weight gain, but my jeans are getting tighter.   I was hopping to not face the music so fast this time.  Oh well all for a good cause right?



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