Posted by: Molly | March 9, 2012

stim on!

Stimming is coming right along and our wonderful donor is doing great.  Crossing my fingers for 11 or so eggs.  Looks like it might another 5 days to retrieval.  My lining is nice and fluffy and my numbers look good too.  All that really matters is the end result, but I would LOVE to have some to freeze this time around.  We aren’t talking another baby after this, but I might not mind entertaining that thought.  And if this one doesn’t work out then we can do a FET and not the whole process all over again.  Heavily leaning towards just transferring one.  Twins would be alot and would make daycare very pricey.  Not pricey enough to quit my job, but pricey enough to make some major lifestyle changes.  All worth it I’m sure.  Still there is the matter of possible bed rest and being less mobile with an almost 2 year old to chase.

Very much looking forward to my first night away from the little guy.  He’s a great baby, but I think he can survive the night without me.  And to sleep in…  what a dream that would be.



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