Posted by: Molly | March 1, 2012

Almost stim time!

My donor is starting stims next week!  This time we are sharing the donor again and I’m in the #2 slot.  Hoping to get 8 eggs.  Praying to get more.  Obviously we didn’t make it to freeze any last time and that was a huge bummer.  DS is a dead ringer for his daddy so maybe it really doesn’t matter.  I can’t believe we are doing this again and I’m so much calmer this time.  Almost like when you first start ttc’ing and have no idea it’s not going to work on your own.  Ignorance is bliss?  The Del E shots are going well.  Going in for another scan in a week or so.  Pray for a thick lining please!  I’m feeling good and back to my pre-pregnancy weight from DS.  Problem is that was 10 pounds above my ideal.  argh.  I’m going to have to be very good for this next pregnancy (god willing!) so I can shed it all again in the first year and then some.  Ha who am I kidding.  It’s so hard to lose weight!  Highly recommmend only gaining 20-25.  More than that and it would be real work to get it off.

For anyone out there thinking about donor egg I highly recommend doing it.  It’s easier than that IVF cycle you might have tried and failed and failed and failed at.  If you’re like me you tried several times and I know it sucked.  Really sucked.  You probably shed lots of tears too.  I have several nicely painted rooms that I took my tears out on.  Had to work it out of my system somehow.  Finally the seal the deal for was…  it is so nice to know you are the biological mother and control the growing environment too.  There are so many great programs out there.  I do have a special fondness for Shady Grove though.   They rock!  My nurse is awesome.  And I had lots of great egg fairies to choose from.



  1. Good luck with your cycle. Can’t wait to follow you through this one.

    I totally agree about going the DE route. Once I mourned the loss of the genetic link, I was so happy to finally have the odds be in my favour. It is so much easier than OE IVF as well.


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