Posted by: Molly | January 13, 2012

time for another one?

I think I’m ready for another – and I’m very blessed we are able to add to our family.  I believe in watching for signs that I am making the right choice – not just about having another baby, but all things in life.  We had to have some papers witnessed for another cycle.  While waiting for the witness in the lobby the little guy made friends with another person also waiting.  We make small talk.  He tells me he has 29 grandkids!  whoa.  Those are some good genes.  The next day while going to mail the paperwork I saw a beautiful sunrise.  A gorgous happy day.  Our insurance has fallen into place.  We are blessed.

So now it’s time to pick another donor.  The egg fairy is not available.  I’m very sad.  Little guy is the best thing ever.  Love him dearly.  Is it me nurturing his nature?  I sure hope so!

So off we go!  Eek!  So many things to start thinking about.  Scheduling vacations or holding off?  One embryo to transfer or two (ok jumping ahead…)?  Boy or girl (ok way ahead)?  Blue eyes?  Green eyes?  Whiz kid or music genius?

It’s weird looking around at the bloggers who were here when we went round #1.  So many lived have changed so much.  Some make me smile – others I’m sad for.  Dreams achieved and dreams lost.  Life is so unpredictable.



  1. Best of luck on your 2nd go round. We may be doing that ourselves in 2013 although we have some embryos remaining so it would be a FET.


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