Posted by: Molly | September 14, 2010

27 weeks!

I’ve been awful about posting – sorry!  Life is flying baby.  Baby boy is doing great and moving lots.  And lots.  Had the full flip thing down pat and is best at it around 2 am.  I think he’s even hiccuping now.  Weird to feel for sure!  I’m feeling pretty good and got an appetite back right after my last doctors appointment.  She said weight gain is right on target and ummm…  well I have to go again tomorrow just two weeks later and I’m not up 5 pounds from that appointment.  Only up 16 overall so I can see a chit chat coming.  In my defense I didn’t notice I had an appetitie for the first week and then I weighed myself.  Now I am paying way more attention to what I eat.  Apple pie still made the list this week it is after a fruit – right?

Had a dental check up last week and I was totally dreading it.  Not that my gums were bleeding or I was having problems, but I still gag when I brush my teeth.  The thought of her sticking those tools in my mouth and touching my tongue for 30 minutes was not on the top of my list.  I did manage to wait until I hit the car to lose part of my lunch.  joy oh joy.  As I was leaving the dental tech, who I know does not have children in her early 40’s told me to enjoy every minute of my pregnance and that she was jealous – now she laughed, but I know it must sting to deal with pregnant patients too.  She did make the comment about how she hopes the baby gets my teeth because hubby’s are awful.  I had to laugh – he’ll be getting that gene from my donor I hope, but I didn’t tell her that!  I do know she has great teeth so that is in my favor and something we share in common.  Just weird to take that complement from someone. 

I am very grateful to my donor is a way that  I can not express fully.  Trying to think of something nice to send through the RE’s office for her.   I know they don’t tell them of successful pregnancies, however I could still send something as a rememberance or thank you.  I do feel the baby is mine in a way I can’t fully explain either.  Still feels weird to feel those kicks and see my huge belly – as in is this for real?  Am I really pregnant?  How’s he coming out?  OMG!  He’s got to come out some way.  LOL!



  1. Glad everything is going well – 27 weeks! Wow, the rest of your pregnancy will surely fly by.

    I know what you mean about the baby feeling like your own while knowing that there is also a donor in the picture.

  2. Wow, so with you on feeling the baby is mine but can’t fully explain. So good to read that and know I’m not the only one. Great to see your doing well.


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