Posted by: Molly | August 30, 2010

Still here just busy

Baby Boy is a growing!  Kicking lots and moving around too.  I’m now about 25 weeks and it shows!  Ok it’s shown for quite a while now – like since 12 weeks, but now it’s way more real and I almost can’t see my toes over my belly.  At times I forget about the whole DE part of it and I almost think that is a good thing.  He’s mine and no one can claim him.

Had a shower a couple weeks back.  I was so nervous as some know my story and others don’t and no one said a word about me doing DE so maybe they’ve forgotten too?  The gifts were awesome, the food out of this world and the games sort of entertaining.  The talk about giving birth could have left out.  Seriously this baby is coming out one way or another and there is nothing I can do to change that so why give me all your gory details?  I really hate that stuff.  Why can’t people just be positive about it and not try to one up each other?  Ok enough on that.

In other news I have the nursery painted, the crib on order and just need to snag the mattress this week.  Love the Babies.R.Us Great Trade in Sale!  The best!  We got a great deal on the crib and I couldn’t be happier.  A friend is making the nursery bedding and things are coming along.  15 weeks to go!  Just starting to feel a wee bit uncomfortable from all the stretching, but to be honest 15 weeks is nothing – I can do it!    yikes!



  1. 25 weeks!!! I’m sure your baby bump is totally adorable. Such exciting times. I feel like I’m following in your footsteps, always an inpiration!

    I know what you mean about the birthing stories and one upping eachother…it’s frightening and sometimes disgusting to hear, but nothing stops them.

    Wishing you a GOOD birthing story.


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