Posted by: Molly | July 10, 2010

holding my breath

Had my 17 week appt this week and all looks great.  Weight gain is on target – 8 pounds, which for me starting out about 20 over is awesome.  BP was very low for me and another relieft.  Feet aren’t swelling all that much in the heat and the baby’s heartbeat sounds awesome.  It is such a cool sound and this time I knew what I was listening for.  I feel so blessed to be moving along so smoothly at 38.  I’m an older mom so I thought I’d be having issues.  Counting my lucky stars and thanking God for an uneventful pregnancy so far.

I am getting huge.  Will try to get a picture on here soon.  I truly look pregnant now which is cool – no more of people wondering if I’ve had too many pies or cakes.  Nope it’s a baby!  Our big u/s is in a little over a week –  eek!  So far I want to find out, but had the thought yesterday after my appointment that maybe I’d like a surprise.  I am registering for all gender nuetral items in hopes we have another baby down the road.  So by knowing will people decide I need pink or blue  – like they know best?   Hoping to hit Babies R*Us soon and see things in person and not just online.

I’m also starting to think a little more about the birthing process as in this baby is coming out of where?  oh boy.  Scary, but alson exciting to think I might get to sleep on my tummy again in my lifetime.  My ob recommended a birthing class lead by doula’s, but he has told them no pitching their services.  I struggle with the thought of using a doula because I am open to an epidural and pain meds.  This process didn’t start out natural and this particular group seems to think that IVF leads to birth defects.  Their page on facebook sites studies to that effect.  Obviously these are not women who dealt with infertility so I kind of wonder if I could even tolerate their classes.  I want to enjoy the experience and if I find I can’t focus because of the pain I will demand pain relief.  If all is going well and my tools work then I won’t.  I am not cornering myself on this one.  They also offer breastfeeding classes and this is something I really want to do.  I know I can do it or will be trying for ages to make it work.  I have a friend with no children – she is not even married yet and is much younger.  She’s telling me she can show me because as an administrative clerk in an ob unit they had her teaching new moms.  How freaking scary is that!!!  She is not a lactation consultant!  Then she tells me which pump I should buy so she can help me.  NO WAY am I buying that brand!  I do have to clarify our boys are more of friends than we are.  I find her plain annoying at this point and encouraging boy time so I can avoid her.

Hope you are all doing well.



  1. Sounds like you’re doing great! Congrats.

  2. So good to hear you are doing well! I think it’s a BOY too! I don’t know why, just a feeling. I’ll be waiting for the big reveal!!!

    • you were right! LOL!

  3. Glad to read this wonderful update! We’re on the fence about finding out gender as well. I guess you’ll know when the time comes.


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