Posted by: Molly | June 27, 2010

16 Weeks! Time is flying

Wow,  I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long.  And I can’t believe I am 16 weeks.  I am starting to see the bump a lot more and feeling like sleep is a thing of the past.   My hips ache after being on one side for too long and my back aches when I get up, but my yoga moves are coming in handy.  Loving my prenatal yoga class.  I do have to giggle at the thought of doing hypnobirthing, which the instructor also does.  Sort of freaks me out.  It’s all part of the granola crunchy movement I think.  I’m an options type of girl.  I am not committing to a certain way of birthing, but I am willing to be informed.  Ok, I’m also a scatter brain lately.  Baby brain I think is the appropriate term.  I think that is a result of crappy sleeping too.

So if the next 16 weeks go as fast as the first have gone  I will almost be there!  This means I have lots to get done.  Registering for baby, putting together a nursery and getting ready to bring baby home.  Yikes.  I have started registering online through Babies R Us.  Sort of exciting.  I’m not feeling the need to touch and feel the stuff.  Not me at all, although I am not a shopping gal to start with.

Weight gain…  so far 6 pounds.  I started out with a BMI of 26 so 15 to 25 is the range of gain I should be in.  Since I am pretty close to normal I am aiming for 20-25.  Not hungry much of the time so when I am gaining weight it’s when we go away on vacation.  Probably not the best way to gain.  Need to work on that one.  Still skipping the salads and steak is still on the outs.  Chocolate is out too.  Just does not appeal.  Bummer.

I’m starting to forget we did donor egg – feels like the baby is mine.  Well I guess it is mine, but still.  Can’t wait to feel the wiggles in a couple weeks.  Big u/s will be in late July.  Pretty sure it’s a boy for some reason.  Won’t be bummed if it’s a girl, but am getting excited for a boy.   Hope you are all doing well and for those of you still on your journey please know I am praying you are next to join me!



  1. So so happy to read that last paragraph. It is your baby…really and truly.

  2. Congrats on 16 weeks! It sounds like your pregnancy is going very smoothly! I hope it continues that way and the remainder of your pregnancy is completely uneventful! I like reading your starting to forget about donor eggs. I found from the start of my pg that these kids are just mine. Thank god for my donor.

  3. Hiya

    I’ve been following your progress still. (I used to blog under Gailshead but ended up giving up blogging for a number of reasons).

    Anyway, I still read your blog and love hearing how well things are progressing for you.

    My second IVF failed and we had terrible quality eggs again so am looking at the donor route now.

    Anyway, just wanted to say ‘hi’ again and how pleased I am for you.


  4. oh Gailly, it is such a hard decision to reach. I tried 5 times with IVF with my own before agreeing to go with donor eggs and I never made it to retreival. how’s that for stubborn? I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. I feel very blessed to be where I am now. Just take it one step at a time.


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