Posted by: Molly | May 22, 2010

almost 11 weeks

The work weeks wears me out  – total exhaustion.  Starting to be able to eat more food.  Ok, make that snorkel it down.  Its a good thing  that  I was once on the Wa.tchers bandwagon because I know I have to portion out my peach pie ice cream or I will eat half the carton.  That is not me at all, but now I feel like I could.   I get these moments where I’m starving and feel I could eat a ton.  Then I start eating and it quickly passes.  My chest has expanded all of a sudden and some of my smaller bra’s are not fitting.  Good bye 36C and hello ????  This should be entertaining.  Starting to think ordering the XL shirts from the gap was a wise idea.  By the way I am into some maternity clothes.  Mostly pants.  I am down to two pairs of jeans.  I am not a fashionista and I hate my clothing being tight.  Hate it. 

I’m starting to feel this is real and I’m getting excited.  I’m also starting to pay more attention to baby stuff.  You know car seats, strollers and cribs.  Before it was too much to wrap my brain around and now I’m trying to decipher what we might need.  Strollers are so confusing.  What is really good?  I mean hello the reviews are all pretty much good.  I want something that will stand up to long walks and be good on hills.  And a crib?  Do I get one that can convert later or just go with a cheapie?  I love the round ones.  Don’t love the expense and we are busy paying off baby for the next 4 years.  ugh.  That will keep me under control for sure!

Had my first encounter with the telephone nurse through my health insurance the other day.  It was a good experience overall.  She is a former fertility nurse and was interested in my story.  It’s not something I tell many so it was sort of fun to share.  I had to laugh at her questions…  do you smoke?  ummm NO and if I did they would have kicked me out the DE program or made me quit.   Hoping they are helpful in the long run.

p.s.  done with my PIO shots and on suppositories only!  woohoo!  3 more delestrogen shots to go!  I am SO HAPPY!  My hat goes off to any of you ladies who do your own IM shots!



  1. So good to hear this tone of excitment in your voice.

  2. Congrats on finishing your PIO shots. So glad you’re able to feel exictied and that it’s real now.


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