Posted by: Molly | May 13, 2010

9w3d – all is ok

First of all I apologize for ignoring my blog.  It’s been busy and I’ve been tired.  Imagine that?  Last night I went right to bed when I got home for a nap.  5:00 – 8:45 nap that is.  I needed it.  Anyway had my first real OB appointment this week and it went well.  No u/s or even heartbeat check, but I’m pretty sure all is good.  We did see the bean and heartbeat  twice.  Had a recheck of progesterone and it’s looking good.  One more week of prog. shots and then onto just the suppositories.  Oh yay!  Still have till early June on the delestrogen shots.  Oh yuck!

So far I mainly feel tired and have the occasional pull and ache down low.  Coughing is miserable and sneezing requires me to hold my tummy or be in pain for a minute or so.  Lots of food aversions.  Lots.  Can’t eat beef, chicken is ok when fried and honestly it depends on the day as to what will gross me out.  Lettuce is totally out.  Gag’o’rama!  I did find that keeping busy and moving makes me feel a bit better.  Cracker upon getting out of bed and some ginger ale are a must.  Not even going to mention the tata’s – they are super sore.

We have told our parents, but they are sworn to secrecy until we tell more people in early June.  Already MIL is driving me batty.  Seriously people expect me to whine and well I just can’t do it – yet – to them.  I’m expected to be throwing up all the time and well I’m not.  Sorry I’m boring them.  Not taking advice from them well either.  Seriously I just want to enjoy this time being pregnant and don’t care to hear their horror stories.  Oh wait, I’m also hormonal.  Can you tell?  ;~)

The NT is early June and I”m opting out of the amnio.  Woohoo!  Being that my eggs were 27 it is not necessary and my doctor is on board so that is reassuring.  Love him.  He’s awesome and quirky.  Can’t beat that.  I need humor.

Hope you are all doing well and I think of many of you all the time.  Being IF sucks and I’m not quite over it yet.  Not sure if and when that feeling of being broken diminishes.



  1. Really good to hear from you, Molly. Sounds like a great pregnancy to me….enjoy and don’t let MIL or anyone else take that from you. xoxo

  2. Enjoy every moment! Just tell the in-laws and such that you intend to enjoy the bad and the good of being pregnant… It is something you’ve dreamed about for a very long time! They should understand! They are probably bugging you because they are sooo excited though! 🙂

    Wonderful news that you are doing well! All my best to you and your precious cargo!

  3. Hi Molly!
    Yey you’re back. Have been wondering how you are – think about how you’re doing lots so I’m glad that you’re doing well.
    Gailly xx

  4. How did I miss this? You’re just one week ahead of me. This is such wonderful news – congratulations!

    • your u/s is so cool! I tried to comment and it’s giving me fits. I’ll check back later!


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