Posted by: Molly | April 26, 2010

U/S #2

All was well and good at my u/s this morning.  Much to my relief after the progesterone scare last week.  It was a tough week to keep my mind off all the bad things that could happen.  Little bean grew the right amount in one week and had a heart rate of 130.  This weekend was rough in the morning sickness and tiredness area.  No losing the cookies yet, but really not hungry and most things just plain gross me out.  I’ve found cinnamon things very appealing and I’m enjoying some yummy coffee cake muffins at the moment.  Goes great with my cheese and crackers.

I’m working very hard to make the mind shift to “things will go well” and to enjoy this pregnancy to it’s fullest.  It is so hard after so many years of IF.  So hard to think that this might really happen – we will have a baby in 7 t0  8 months.  Kind of shocking to imagine it coming true, but I start to think that it will and prepare myself for this huge life changing event.  I need to stay away from Goog.le.  It is not helping matters.  I just wish I could go back to my innocent days.   So not fair. 

I’ve also been thinking alot about our wonderful egg fairy.  The gift she has given us can not be measured in any way.  Truly priceless.  It is sort of nice that she in not known to us because I’m tempted to give her whatever her heart desires.  I feel that I owe her huge.  This was the best gift I’ve ever been given.  I hope the other who shared my cycle were as lucky as I was.

If you are out there wondering if donor egg IVF is for you stop wondering and just do it.  Explore all your options of course and please know I am having no regrets about the route we have chosen.  I really feel like this baby is mine and not belonging to anyone else.



  1. Such a wonderful report! I’m glad everything is right on track.

  2. Please enjoy every moment….for both of us.

  3. Congrats Molly! I am also 37 and going to start EDIVF soon (out of the US). I’d love to chat with you about your journey and about things you did or didn’t do pre/post transfer…thanks!

    Congrats again! You must be over the moon!

    • I’m about to go off on vacation, but would love to chat too! Will shoot you an e-mail when it calms down.

  4. I’m so pleased that things are going well hun. I’ve decided to delete my blog but I’m still with you all the way and will keep up to date on how you’re doing.
    I’ve been worried about the quality of my eggs lately and your blog has helped me realise that doner eggs are a good option if IVF with my own fails.
    You should enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible – if anything does go wrong (which it wont) then you’d be just as upset as if you hadn’t enjoyed it? Does that make sense? I’m probably talking cr*p haha. But anyway, keep positive!

    • You make total sense! Going with donor eggs was not my first option after my crappy eggs, but my hubby really wanted to give it a shot more than me. Glad I went along with him now. Just keep your mind open and you never know what may happen!

  5. Congrats! Me and my husband are able to embarq on the DE journey ourselves. It was so good to read your last post about just doing it! So many things go through my head about how I will feel- will I always think that this is not my baby? etc… But reading your blog has helped put some of that anxiety at ease. We go for our Donor Egg consult with our RE next week. I am looking to transfer toward the end of the year. Thanks again for your blog. I will be following you through the next 9 months!


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