Posted by: Molly | April 21, 2010

progesterone is low

Along with the u/s I had labs done.  Turns out my progesterone was low.  Really low.  Like 7.2 low.  ugh.  I sort of think this is because I had switched to suppositories when hubs was out of town last week.  They told me to do 2 a day.  Turns out the taper down schedule to go from PIO to suppositories is really 3 a day and then down to 2.  Hmmm…  Hello.   Something got crossed in communication.   I started spotting on Saturday and I immediately had him do a PIO shot and then we stuck with the shots until my appointment on Monday.  It did go away at that point so I think that is a good sign.  So now we are adding in suppositories to the daily shots.  Double joy.  Hopefully this turns it around.  We did see the heartbeat on Monday so I think that is good and my cervix looked good too.  He did comment on my blue smurfdom up “there”.  Great.  Thanks. Hope you enjoyed it.

So the other labs…  I really hate explaining the donor egg process.  The lab person had me sign off for CF.  Umm…  I do not need it.  She totally didn’t get it and I was tired.  Exhausted at that point.  Take my blood.  Whatever.  However I now have all my donor testing info to share with my ob and from there we can determine what I really need.  Even though I am over 35 my donor was not so I’m going to push for them to drop some of the testing.  It is not necessary.  And I wouldn’t do anything anyway.  Can I just say how freaking mad I would be if I had the amnio and then miscarried at 20 weeks.  Yeah.  Not happening.

If you can’t tell I need a nap.  Badly.  Hence the smarty grumpy snaps.  LOL!



  1. Grrr…why do things like this always get messed up on the communication end. I’ve had things like this happen several times already. You’d think the medical industry would be especially meticulous since it is HUMANS they are dealing with. Again…grrr.

    Glad everything is looking up.

  2. Sorry that your progesterone got so low! What a huge miscommunication! Glad they caught it and that you’re back in control.


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