Posted by: Molly | April 19, 2010

6 weeks and some spotting

Had a bit of spotting on Saturday so I’m off to my OB today for an ultrasound and appointment.  So nerve racking given my previous history of a miscarriage.  It happened right around this point.  I guess it could be from all the extra hormones I”m on, but still – scary!  Other than that just a touch of upset tummy and pants that are getting snug.  Pretty boring right now.  ;~)



  1. I hope everything goes okay at the appointment today! Spotting is very common with IVF and with the hormones! I’m staying positive for you, okay!?

  2. Upset tummy and too tight pants sounds terribly EXCITING to me! Hope the OB says everything is a-ok.

  3. Yes, boring is the new exciting. 🙂


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