Posted by: Molly | April 11, 2010

is this for real?

I am still a bit shocked that this cycle worked.  We’ve never had any sort of luck with our ART’s treatments so it just amazes me really that I am pregnant.  Finally said it – not sure if I really believe it though.  I mean there is nothing to show for it yet so where is it?  An u/s might satisfy that question in a couple weeks.  Maybe it will seem more real then?  My symptoms are mild.  A few tugs and pulls down there, increased sense of smell, hungry quite a bit and sore boobs.  Wearing my real pants is not real fun either.  Bloating I’m sure.  Tried on a few pairs of maternity pants.  So not ready for that!  Did find one cute fun pair for this summer.  Need to figure out of that Bella Band is something that might work for me.  A bit stumped in the whole what do I wear department for sure.

My husband on the other hand is very excited and loves to talk about all things baby and to inform what I should not be eating.  He’s been doing his research and seems to know how much sugar should be in a glass of 100% juice.  I have to laugh.  At least I am eating normal things still.  I fear getting too involved in all the dreaming because I have had a miscarriage and know all to well how painful that is.   Poor guy I think I need to humor his dreams a bit more and then this might feel more real for me too?  Don’t get me wrong I am excited, but just worried about what could happen if this doesn’t stick.



  1. This is so exciting!!! Let your own dreams take flight…Mine sure are.

  2. It’s ok to b ecautiously optimisitic. You should enjoy this!

  3. The way you feel makes perfect sense to me… I hope for you that it just gets more and more real and familiar, and is all wonderful. I’m happy for you!
    And the part about your husband made me laugh.. my husband is exactly like that. He has been monitoring medications, supplements, madly googling bathwater temperatures, etc., etc. And we haven’t even had a positive test yet.

  4. What a lovely husband! Ride the waves of his excitement and eventually you might join him. It’s not unusal to feel this way. I’m sure I will too (hopefully in a few weeks time!)


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