Posted by: Molly | April 10, 2010

beta #2

Beta #2 was today and it more than doubled!  So happy to hear that.  I go one more time on Monday to make sure it’s still doing what it should be.  I’m still feeling ok.  Cramps a little and hungry quite a bit.  I better slow down until we find out how many.  My numbers are pretty strong so maybe there is more than one?  I’m ok with whatever we have.  I am quite tired after a really long week at work and am looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday!



  1. Awesome, awesome news!!! This gives me such hope for my cycle next month.

  2. Yay for doubling betas! Sunch wonderful news!

  3. Wow, really amazing numbers! I’m betting on at least two. Have a great weekend basking in your secret happiness.


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