Posted by: Molly | April 4, 2010

Easter treats

Very much enjoying my hubby’s jelly beans!    He did get me a lot of good chocolates and  I will be sharing.  I ate a couple pieces.  Wasn’t sure how much caffiene was in it, but figured a few pieces won’t hurt.  Tested again this morning it’s a much darker 2nd line.  The spotting happened again today, but it is very little.  I’ll mention it tomorrow to the nurse and also set up my labs for this week.  Supposed to be on Thursday, but that means a 2nd test on Saturday and my lab is not open then. 

Also enjoying a beautiful sunny, warm Sunday.  Nice to know that spring really is here and that any more snow is probably not happening.  The little flowers coming up in the woods are so cute.  Soon they will be covered by all the folliage so I enjoy this time of year the most.  They are just so tiny and delicate. 

It was nice to not have to go anywhere at any specific time today.  Normally we are overrun by family and that is often tiring.  I love to cook, but this is the one holiday that I also love to go out to brunch for.  After brunch we crashed hard.  Each of the past three afternoon’s I’ve had great naps and today was no exception.   Usually this means I wake up earlier the next morning, but tomorrow I need to be into work really early so I think it will work out well.   Scared that this week is a full week after so many short weeks in March.  Just a few more weeks until we take our week long vacation for the year.  I’m excited to be going south to Myrtle Beach as we have never vacationed there and it looks like it will be the right time of year for walks on the beach.



  1. Hope that relaxed feeling carried over into the week for you!

  2. Glad you had a great easter. Any more spotting?

  3. no more spotting – still holding my breath on that one!


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