Posted by: Molly | April 2, 2010

A really Good Friday!

Warning I tested…

6dp5dt and I have TWO LINES!  Oh my!  It worked!  Something stuck and is producing hcg.  Have you noticed I haven’t said the “p” word.  Just can’t do it yet.  I skipped by CVS on my way home last night convinced I could hold out until at least Monday.   This morning I was mad I didn’t have a test so I kept the sample in a little cup under the sink so I could test with fmu.  I didn’t tell hubby.   Went back to bed and got up at 8:30 and ran off to the store.  Testing with 4 hour pee and it still worked.   Hubby was at work and while I thought I would think of a creative way to tell him I just blurted it when he called – which was 2 minutes after I tested.  The 2nd line came up within 15 seconds so I was freaking out a little.  He wanted to know if there were two.  Unfortunately this is the not that type of test…

So far I’ve been feeling pretty bloated and not so hungry.   Cramps that come and go, but more achy than hurty.  Chocolate has lost it’s appeal and this is what happened last time so I was sure it was time to test to see if I was making things up.  Dear hubby will be eating Easter candy for a very long time.  Or so I hope!  I’ve had a miscarriage before so we know this is only the beginning.   I can’t believe it.



  1. Wowowowowowowowow!

  2. Yahhh!!!! That’s fantastic! What a Good Friday indeed! I know it is only the beginning but congrats anyways! I hope you have a fantastic Easter Weekend! Keep poas!!! Can’t wait for beta day!

    All my best!


  3. Such wonderful news!!! Can’t wait to hear what the beta is!

  4. Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stick. So so pleased for you hun. Yey! xxxxx

  5. Sooo happy for your positive!

  6. Congratulations! What wonderful news. So pleased for you. What a good feeling it must be to see those two lines. Enjoy the high. You deserve it.


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