Posted by: Molly | March 29, 2010

10 days and counting!

10 days till beta.  I have to wait out 12 days after my transfer.  So let’s just be honest now.  I will be testing at home.  I can’t wait that long and I think it would show up before then.  Once when I was pg (and miscarried) I got a positive at 10 dpo so I’m hoping this one is not much different.  They were blasts so they should be implanting about now.  I was going to wait and this is when I thought I would be tested earlier.  So not waiting.  That particular day I am in training all day and then have a meeting at night where I have to speak.  If I get bad news I will have needed to process it before that day.  If for some reason I get a false negative I will be happy.

Update on the freezing situation.  There were none to freeze.  I find this interesting when we started with 9 good ones who stuck through to day 5.  Makes me very happy we transfered both and gave them a shot at life.  And now I know if it didn’t work we have 5 more tries at this.  Each try will take about 3 months start to finish.  ugh.

The trip to DC was fun and I enjoyed my extra day of vacation as my transfer actually occured on day 6.  DH was not happy as he had his day of fun planned once I was back in bed at the hotel.  This meant that we hopped in the car and drove home after my transfer.  I was laying back and actually they only recommended resting, which also included sitting on the couch so sitting in the car was not much different.  I did lay around the following day too.  Just to be safe and suck up the pampering.  DH needs a little help in that area.  Particularly cooking – he used to be very good.  I need to let him practice more often so he gets his skill back.  LOL!



  1. I see no point in waiting. Test, test, test and then blog as soon as possible. Enjoy the pampering and buy him a cookbook if he need it. Hope the waiting goes quickly. Hoping for you!

    • LOL! I am a POASoholic… and I have not been able to do so since last September. The first step to recovery is admittance I believe.

  2. Hope the next few days go by quickly and that you get a happy answer.

    • thanks!!!

  3. In my many years of reading infertility blogs, I can’t remember reading about ANYONE who actually waited for the actual beta without whipping out a pee stick first! You will be in verry good company. Me, for one.
    Thinking good thoughts for you and the 2 little blasts.


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