Posted by: Molly | March 28, 2010

2 on board!

Just a quick update.  There are 2 blasts on board – one was almost there and the other all the way there.  We ended up going to a day 6 transfer and there are still a few growing and I’m hoping will make it to freeze at the blast stage.  Right now I’m set up on the couch and am chilling out.

Back to work tomorrow…  11 days till the beta.  Not sure if I can wait that long – pretty sure I will be cheating!



  1. Wowowow! Hoping those blasts stick! 11 days does seem like a long time, hope they go by lickity split.

  2. Sooooo exciting! Yay! I’ve been checking to see what was happening with you. Blessings on their little jelly selves, I hope they nestle right in.
    I’m in the car (in the passenger seat o’course) right now driving to Syracuse where our donor is.. The retrieval is tomorrow, so I’m just about a week behind you. Thinkg good thoughts for you.

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on being PUPO. I hope the next 11 days fly by.

  4. Yey, that’s great news. Hope they stick! I’m keeping everything crossed for you. xxxxxxxx


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