Posted by: Molly | March 20, 2010

it’s fluffy!

The acu worked!  Thanks for all the happy thoughts and prayers.  I’m 9mm!  The PA was shocked and I was beyond words.  It went from a 7.3 to 9 in 4 days.  Woohoo!  Starting PIO tomorrow and aiming for transfer by the end of next week.   Looks like I will have a babe or two on board at this time next week.  Wow.  That feels weird to say.  These two months since choosing the donor have flown by.  I’m a bit in shock.  And over the moon excited.

I’m hoping that being surrounded by some very pregnant ladies yesterday was good luck.  The time I had to go for my u/s was prime time for preggo’s and their weekly or monthly appointments.  I’m being monitored by my ob/gyn’s PA and not the RE due to distance.  One girl thought she was in labor – turns out it was not.  That is how long I had to wait.  Forever and a day.  Only an hour and half – crazy.  For some reason I didn’t get upset.  It was sort of fun to watch them all.  Months ago I would have been in tears.  Yesterday I just watched it.  At one point they started asking how far along each was.  THANK GOD I don’t have much of a belly and they skipped over me.  That did have me panic a little bit.  It was good for me to see how crazy it was there compared to some of their other offices – I will not be going there for my pre-natal care.  Chaos.

We’ve also been very blessed with awesome weather this weekend.  Sunny and low 70’s.  The house needs a good fluffing and dusting and then I’m headed outside.  A nice long walk sounds really relaxing about now.  I’m going to try and forget I didn’t manage to lose those nagging 10 pounds (ok really more like 25) since New Years and just go with it.   I can lose it later.  sigh.  I am eating much better and that is what matters at this point.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Congrats on fluffin up that lining! I’m happy to read the two months went quickly cause I’m hoping my wait goes fast too. Enjoy the weather!

  2. such wonderful news! Glad to hear that things are moving along and that your lining fluffed up like it was supposed to! Enjoy your walk!

  3. Great news! Crossing everything for you!

    I tried to add you to my wordpress blog, but it didn’t find you. Are you sure that is your username?

  4. Best of luck with your cycle. I am doing a DE cycle next month too. I love the sound of the fluffy lining! Well done.

  5. Yey – i’m so pleased that your lining has thickened up nicely. I’ve got everything crossed for you. Keep nice and relaxed. xx


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