Posted by: Molly | March 18, 2010

enjoying the sunshine

Absolutely beautiful weather here!  I am feeling like I’m in Florida without the sun and sea to swim in.  All is on course for a Monday or Tuesday retrieval and I am getting very excited each time I hear a report.  Need to find out about the cherry blossoms in DC – would love to see them when we are there.  Aiming for the 5 day transfer so we can have some fun first.

Going to have another u/s tomorrow – praying I’m getting fluffy.  Don’t know how I couldn’t be after the awesome accupuncture session this week.  Oh my relaxing.  I’m debating doing the accupuncture before and after my transfer.  What the heck we’ve come this far why skimp now?  I will be on valium so that will relax me too. I don’t want to be totally out of it.

I’m on the road for work and trying to be good about my diet.  Will confess to french fries at lunch – the really good kind that are homemade, but still fried in oil.  Yes I am going for a walk later tonight.  Then I need to find dinner. 

No other really good random thoughts for now.  I am in a good place and feeling pretty good too.  Not cranky – which is a nice switch from that awful mood lupron put me in! 




  1. Wow! That is right around the corner. I’m sure the accupuncture is working and you’ve improved your fluff factor. Cherry blossoms, what a lovely memory to have associated with your IVF. Lots of luck.


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