Posted by: Molly | March 15, 2010

need a bit more fluff

I am hearing my lining is not cooperating so I’ m searching for way to fluff it up a bit.  Seems that baby dancing might help.  Off course this isn’t the fun kind so I need to get creative and into the mood.  Time to get busy!

I go back on Thursday for another check…  woohoo!  not.   At least it will be my favorite PA.   Last time it took me until the 3rd week to hit 8mm so I’m sure I’m track, but still a bit disappointing.  I didn’t freak when I heard the news, but I did freak on the way home.  This can’t not work!  Accupuncture is tomorrow and I’m asking for the works.  Thanks for all your wonderful comments – I’m not feeling so alone right now.



  1. Good luck on fluffing up that lining! The acu should help.

  2. It IS going to work! Fluff it up, girl….

  3. good luck with the lining hun. If you go to my page and click on Mr IVF’s blog he talks in one of his posts about a recipe he made up for his wife who needed to thicken her lining. The drink he made looked vile but it might be of interest and I think it worked!?



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