Posted by: Molly | March 1, 2010

the day after

…a storm is a good day to stay home in bed when you have a headache.  Just saying.  We were hard hit by a big storm last week and some are still without power.  Still feeling a bit snarky today and have a weird headache.

On another thread… the day after…  transfer…  I’m supposed to be on 24 hours bedrest.  I can not wait!  While I’m really nervous about all these PIO shots and stuff I’m trying to take this whole thing one day at a time.    I’m excited that my husband probably won’t want to cook and therefore I’ll get to order takeout.  I do love cooking, but lately I just find it tiring.  Hunt for a recipe, pull other the ingredients, whip it up, eat it and clean up.  I’m in a rut.  Not enough veggies and I need way more of that in my diet.  Too many carbs are not good – for me.  And I HATE grocery shopping.  Hate it.  Hubby loves it so I just need to make the list and send him for the duration of this cycle.  I have no patience for it.  For some reason I am having problems finding stuff in the store.  Not really odd items, but items they might put in a couple different places.  Like Durkee’s onion toppers.  You might think they’d put them near the green beans or cream of mushroom soup, but no.  I think they were near the dried dates.  huh?  I know they are dried, but fruit?  No.  I went down every isle looking.  Remember my patience or lack of it.  Yeah.  Bad day at the store.   Ok I can see I am really, really whining here…

So the snow has covered everything and it’s very pretty outside.  I wish it would last until the tulips popped in a month or so.   oh and my first u/s is tomorrow to check things out.  Then I cna start my estrogen!  woohoo!  Wonder if that will make me less cranky?  Hope so!



  1. Wait a minute? There’s bed rest involved with a transfer? New information for me…that does not sound like fun. Hang in there.

  2. The estrogen while it might help with the crankies, it might make you a bit weepy! At least it does me! BUT…it does get rid of the horrible hot flashes! YAHHH!!! I hope the check tomorrow is smooth and easy, no cysts, no fluid, no hiccups! Thinking of you!


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