Posted by: Molly | February 26, 2010

me and lupron

I swear it’s giving me heart burn or acid reflux.  Or maybe I just need to lose that miserable 10 pounds.  Seriously I feel like I have something always stuck in my throat.  Not good and I’m hoping that my accupuncture sessions are going to help with that one too.  She suggested rice cereal in the morning – homemade not the baby stuff.  With some cinnamin and honey it’s not bad, but not something I will want after this is over.  The weight loss…  That’s not happening with all the snow we now have!  We are buried and I am enjoying being stuck at home today – and not at work!  woohoo for a snow day!   The hot flashes are hitting more at night and I’m a little fire place according to my hubby.  A fireplace that does not want any touching!  Poor guy is getting a first class grumpy wife this time around.  At least I can point it out though – right?  I get point for that I hope.

Glad to be done with the bcp’s and anxious for my first scan next week to see how the plumbing down there is looking.  Better not be any cysts, fluids or bumps hiding in there.  Usually I check out ok so no worries really.  I am getting excited for the upcoming transfer – maybe 4 weeks from today if it all goes text book.  I’m not holding my breath.  This is a new donor so there is no way to now how fast she will stim.  Just hoping it’s over the weekend as projected so I can be a lazy bum for a few days before going back to work for a short week.

I’m trying to think a good way to tell others our story.  Meaning family and this child eventually.  With friends it’s no problem – they are way less judging of this whole process.   I mean how do you introduce the whole “egg donor” into the process so a child can understand it.  From what I’ve read in other places I will be in a way the biological mother as I am the one supply the tissues to help the baby develop and grow – it’s just the gene’s are coming from someone else.  The shell so to speak I guess.  How confusing for a child.  Guess we just start out with baby steps on this one.



  1. I haven’t had the lupron-y goodness yet. That starts next week (I think). Sorry you’re not feeling great.

    As to how to tell, there are some great sites about this. Check out this one: they have Telling and Talking pamphlets.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Always great to follow another DE chick’s blog.

    Best wishes for a huge, healthy crop of eggs! 🙂

    • thanks! I’m hoping for at least 11 eggs or more. I’m splitting them with two others – sort of scary in way, but I have a guaranteed number coming my way or the cycle doesn’t count.

  3. Yup, I’m experiencing Lupron vicariously through you as well. Maybe you can be my donor cycle mentor. Hope to be posting my own Lupron post next month. Best of luck! Thinking “textbook” thoughts for you.

    • Yay for picking your donor. I’ll be following your journey too to DE mamma land!

  4. I really and truly think that if it is something that is discussed early on, it can be the most normal thing in the world. I just think it’s a matter of being honest, but bringing it to a childs level. Just starting by saying that another woman, an “angel”, helped to bring him in the world because you wanted him so bad.

    I know it’s scary and hard to try to figure out though. Still, I think you will do great!

    • good idea’s – I like the angel idea.


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