Posted by: Molly | February 23, 2010

starting lupron

and starting the hot flashes – they aren’t  so bad in the dead of winter either.  I am bit warm after just a few shots.  Not sure how long I’ll be on it – a week or two?  Hoping for just one week!  Also hoping my grumpies go away. 

Poor husband is not so happy about the timing of the transfer.  He is missing a big party for something he volunteers in.  bahumbug.  We both agree this is way more important and I’m not so sad.

Just excited to be moving forward at the speed of light – at least that’s how it feels!



  1. Congrats on moving forward!

  2. I live in Alaska, and kind of love my Lupron in the wintertime!

    Good luck!

  3. Good for you – hope you get to the transfer soon! I was on Lupron for about 3 weeks (sorry – hope that isn’t you) for each of my cycles (4). But everyone is different, and you are coordinating with 3 other people!

    So do you have to travel for your ET? I know the projected date has been wrong for 3 of my transfers, so maybe your hubby will still make his party (which pales in comparison to ET, but still a party is fun!)

    Good luck, hope everything goes smoothly!

    • we do have to travel about 5 hours. Hubby has his on ice so his party is over so to speak. LOL! Aiming for March 28th – give or take 5 days each way.


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