Posted by: Molly | February 13, 2010

quick update

not much going on here – just waiting to get the show on the road and enjoying a long holiday weekend.  No firm date yet, but all are on board and synching things up.  First time ever I have had President’s Day off.  Sort of nice.   Make that really nice.  I’m feeling sort of lucky.   Have made little progress in putting together a baby’s room.  It is cleaned out, but I am holding off on painting.  I have several thoughts on it and think it’s best to wait.  And I’m tired.  So it can wait. 

I’ve been trying to focus on getting in some exercise.  I bought a kettle ball.  It’s only 7 pounds, but I’m sure if I lost my grip we might have a hole in the wall or a cracked window.  Did I mention I am not coordinated?  yeah.  Silly me.  I am finding it’s a hilarious work out device – something totally new and that is what is keeping me going.  I think it’s working from all the squatting and lunging they have you do.   I thought it might do more for my arms.  It might, but it also works on other areas and I so break a sweat.  I do the first half of the video and then move to the treadmill and toss in some other arm exercises and then abs.  So far no weight loss.  I can not shake this extra twenty pounds.  Bad sign of what’s to come.  I am hoping spring and summer help.  Fruits and veggies – bad me.  I struggle when it’s cold because I want hot comfort food.  I crave it.   I think I need to cave in and start running up until transfer time.  gah.  nah.



  1. I’m interested in trying out those kettle bells. Sounds like a bit of an adventure.

  2. Running is a great way to get results quickly. Especially if you only have a limited time when you can do it. Between that and the ball you will be in great shape right up to the transfer.


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