Posted by: Molly | February 5, 2010

it’s becoming more real

It’s time to get synched up with the other two recipients and the donor!  Yikes.  This is for real.  I’m very anxious to find out the timeline and I am finding it even more hiliarious that my dear husband is MORE anxious than I am.  Today he asked me to conference call them with him on the line to find out when.  I laughed and just called to find out more.  It will still be another week till they talk with have it all coordinated.  I’m guessing someone might be waiting on AF.

So now that this is moving forward I am coming up with all sorts of things I can do while still not PG.  Enjoy a nice glass of wine, eat lunch meat, eat soft cheeses, still NOT eating sushi (LOL!) and trying to lose that extra 10 pounds.  Sort of hard to do while eating all my no-no foods and drinks!  LOL!  I did pick up a kettlebell at Target and it came with an exercise DVD.  So far it’s a challenging work out and I think it’s firming up my butt.  I thought it would work on my flabby arms.  Probably a fad, but it has my devotion for now.  I’m also walking on the treadmill.  That I will be giving up as soon as I have my transfer.  I’m kind of klutzy and can see myself flying off the back of it.  I can’t wait till it starts to warm up and we can start walking again.    I am finding out that I really do not like snow unless I am on a ski vacation.  Spring can not come fast enough!



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