Posted by: Molly | January 30, 2010

trying to surprise dear hubby

I really suck at finding gifts for my husband.  For his birthday this month I bought him a Blu-Ray.  Problem is we don’t have a TV with an HDMI contector.  sigh.  It is a better picture even on our 6 year old TV, but it’s not like I know it could be.  sigh.  I really want to surprise him with a 46 inch HDTV – like the Samsung LED with internet options.  BUT it’s $1600.  sigh.  Crutchfield has some great deals.  The problem is we are supposed to be paying down the “national debt”.  Turns out doing all the donor egg stuff only increases our national debt.  Helps we have our cars paid off, but still.  I just wish he was more interested in electronic toys.

So the big debate.  Do I just surprise him with my upcoming bonus and buy the TV for him?  The bonus is coming in early March and it wouldn’t be all of it.  The rest I would put towards the national debt.  I always strike out in buying him surprises and he does so well for me.  I think he would love it.  Might not be so happy I broke the no buying toys rule, but once he’s watching a new movie on the new tv in blue ray it probably won’t matter?  Hope so.



  1. Hi! Found your blog on Inconceivable’s list – so fun to find another DE girl. Really hope this time works for you – I’ve read back a ways in your blog but I wasn’t really sure when your cycle starts. I’m currently waiting for (my donor’s) retrieval probably Wednesday.

    I think your tv surprise sounds great. You will all enjoy it for years, and what a perfect thing to have for the 2ww! You can watch movies while you gestate. Perfect.

    • yay! I went to your blog – now I need to figure out how to comment. Glad you found me!

  2. I think a big screen tv is an awesome surprise!


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