Posted by: Molly | January 27, 2010

we picked!

So I got my login to see the selection of egg “angels” as I am now calling them and within 6 hours we had one picked out.  Whambam.  I could have asked lots of questions I guess, but that might have made the choice all that more difficult.  I like what I saw.   The angel we chose was quite honest about why she is doing this.  It is partially the money.  That is the answer I would give too if I was able to do this for another couple.  She knows she is helping another couple, but she does say she is being honest about the money.  Dear hubby pointed this out – that is why he liked her – she’s honest he said.   Me …  I liked the blonde hair and chance of blue eyes as some in her family do have them.  She also loves to write.  Me too, but my grammar can be so-so.  LOL!  I didn’t get overly analytical about it and maybe it was just that I was so excited to get started.  So now the wait starts for a 2nd couple to jump on board.  I am hoping the fact that she is a bit on the normal/thin side and was a cute child will aid in the recruitment process.

So now hubby wants to really get started on that junk room I mentioned a while back.  He is not the painter in the family – I am and he says I can’t do that while I am pregnant.  I can with “Ben” paint as it’s the non-smelly non-toxic stuff, but then factor in the “not feeling so hot” factor and I probably won’t get it done to my liking.  So while it is against my better judgement I am thinking it won’t hurt to clean it out and just paint it.  Not putting up a crib or other baby stuff.   It will be neutral.  I am thinking cream stripes where one stripe is glossy and the other matte in the same color.  Thicker – like a foot each and vertical (up and down not sideways).   I am not a white person, but it will go with anything and be classic.  I can frill it up or make it more nature like.    Right now it is making me feel calm – whereas a pink or blue keys me up.



  1. Woo – how exciting!!! Sorry for being so stupid, but how come you have to wait for another couple to choose her?
    Very excited for you!

    • We are sharing with two other couples to keep it more affordable so now we have to wait for at least one other to sign on. If only one signs on after 30 days we get to move forward with just two for the price of the 1:3 program. yay!!! I’m so excited!

      • Aw, that’s great. So you win either way then?! 😀 I’m so pleased for you. xxx

  2. Congrats on picking your ‘angel’! Hopefully another couple jumps on board quickly. The stripes sound like a nice idea. Neutral with a chance to baby it up when the time comes!

    • good point about babying it up – I can add the pink or blue to the accessories.


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