Posted by: Molly | January 23, 2010

off and running!

It appears that we are a go so now the real fun begins.  I have a busy week ahead of me so it might take a while to pick out someone.  I’m freaking out – this is for real.  No bio baby for me.  The thought of it doesn’t make me cry anymore and I’m more excited about the thought of being pregnant and doing all the things that go along with that.  I am sort of putting the cart before the horse and assuming that this will work and I know a positive attitude can go a long ways, but that isn’t the only deciding factor – unfortunately or I’d be pregnant by now.  It’s going to take a lot to keep me from planning a nursery already.  I can’t do that.  I just can’t.  I’ve always said I would wait – since my first miscarriage.  That room really needs to be cleaned out – I should be ashamed.  It’s the dumping ground.  Not that it’s junk, but when I have a suitcase or fan or some other odd item it goes in there until we need it again.  Think vacuums and paint brushes.  LOL!  We have painted all the other rooms on that floor so picking a color will be interesting.  I love color.  Our house was “born” with cream walls.  I am not a vanilla person.  I am keeping it in the main living areas and hallways.

So my big question is how long before AF shows up?  I’m off the estrogen and almost done with my progesterone. Oh wait…  Murphys’ law …  she will be here just in time for an out of town business trip.  Oh yay.  AF on the road.  That will make what I have to do all the more fun.  In flies Broom Hilda to make some changes.  You don’t like my changes.  Tough shit.  I surely won’t be in the mood to make any sort of compromises with sore boobs and cramps.  LOL!  Oh joy.  At least I am laughing about it now let’s hope it continues on through my trip.  And at least I can still enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.  On the company of course.  I had not had anything alcohol since Christmas.  No reason why other than I haven’t felt like it.  No desire.



  1. I’m glad that things are going well and hope AF shows up in a timely fashion. I can totally relate about the “nursery” room. Ours is stuffed to the brim with boxes, luggage, blowup bed, ironing board etc etc. Our house is tiny, so this has become our defacto storage room. I’m also superstitious about cleaning it out. Hmm, I may have to write a post about this. Take care!


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