Posted by: Molly | January 16, 2010

ready for Monday!

Anxiously awaiting my check on Monday.  Will I be thick and fluffy enough?  My last two shots have been painful and during last night’s shot I shifted on accident just a little bit and then bled like crazy after.  Up until these last two shots it’s been fairly painless – amazing since I used to think shots hurt so much as a small child.

Yesterday I found my original wish list for a donor and without reading it too much I quickly tucked it away.  I think I’m going to do another list that is more current and then compare the two.  The one thing about not using a local clinic is that I am giving myself a larger pool.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  In meeting our new company president this week one thing struck me as funny.  He is tall – really tall.  As in at least 6’6″ tall.  And he’s not all that smart from what I have gathered.  In talking with a co-worker we had both said to various people that he’s gotten so far in life because of his height.  There are studies out there to prove that as we both know.  So I was thinking about picking a donor who is tall – taller than me.  Maybe taller than my husband who is 5’9″.  But is that right to make a “designer” baby who might end up with the tall gene’s so they can go farther in life.  That thought lasted for all of 30 seconds as my goal in all this is a baby who is ours and one that won’t raise questions as to if it is ours.  I would like my child to feel that they are part of both me and my husband and by picking someone who is genetically similar in eye color, hair color, height and body build then I will be closer to that goal – not a superstar basketball player.   While we are pondering what to tell or not tell this future baby I’m sure it won’t be kept under wraps.  I am horrible liar as is my husband and I would feel awful if they were to find out and we were not the ones telling them.

I often wonder what our lives would be like without children.  I certainly not would as far in my career if I had children and not have been able to travel as much as we have been able too.  I think that this has made me more well rounded in the end I mean there has to be a positive in all this – right?  It will also enable me to have more options for child care as I am pretty sure given the high cost of living in our area that I will be going to back to work.  Unless dear hubby can get a new job in a new area and we can unload our house for what we bought it for.  What a pipe dream that is.  I do enjoy my job.  I love helping others go farther in life and give them additional skills.  So staying home would not be long term, but a jumping off point in my career for a few years.  And that is highly unlikely for now so I need to looking into nanny’s and local daycare options.  I am willing to pay well for this because this person will be very important in my child’s life (or potential children as I would love two or more). 

With all this thinking of children and what this will mean we are off tonight to dinner and movie!  Dear husband has a knack for picking chick flicks.  I had to laugh when he suggested Leap Year.  Total chick flick.  I’m thinking I would love to see Up in the Air so this will be a toss up.  Both are pretty chicky!  Poor husby.  I did suggest Avatar, but he he doesn’t like science fiction – he doesn’t even like video games unless they are the sports kind.  Fine by me!  Up until we decided to do the donor egg program there was a nice new HD TV on our radar.  Not so much anymore…  I need to save in a special account for this and just surprise him.    Having a BFP would be a better surprise at this point, but I don’t think that’s happening before we take off on our next adventure.



  1. Good luck at your appointment on Monday, I’m sure your lining will be nice and fluffy! I found make a donor trait wish list challenging, but in the end, like you, I was really looking for similar traits to me so that the kid is a mix of us both. I’m 5’11” and so is hubby so, we want a tall donor.

    • Thanks! I’m excited to see how Monday unfolds. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t make an 8 it just means maybe not doing shared risk.


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