Posted by: Molly | January 13, 2010

keeping on…

I am keeping on the estrogen for a bit longer and will go back this weekend to check things out.  I’m so close!  The shot last night was the worst of all time – I don’t think he hit the right spot and owwie!  I actually cried. 

I also went for my weekly accupuncture.  And she forgot about me.  I was on the needles for an hour and half.  Yikes!  I did fall asleep and then had no clue what time it was.  Just hoping it does the trick and plumps up my poor lining.  So annoying because on a natural cycle I can be thicker than the minimum.  I don’t think this means I’m out if I don’t hit the number, but I don’t think I can get in on the shared r*sk program.  Honestly I’m in a toss up about it anyway because we do have some insurance to cover IVF, but we are looking for the money back guarantee after spending all the money we have on failed attempts. 

So after going MIA at my appointment my poor husband was all worried that I got in an accident.  He did have dinner ready and by the time I got home it was cold…  frozen pizza does not keep well.   The salad was yummy however.  Tonight is make up night – I will make up for missing dinner last night!  Takeout!  LOL!  It’s so hard making meals when you work full time.  I can handle it a few nights a week, but all 5 is too much.  I’m too tired.  Can only imagine what kids will add to this mix.  I am a good juggler so am not overly worried.




  1. Wow, an hour and a half on the needles – I would have fallen asleep too! I hope it helps plump up your lining. I hear you about having to cook every night. We’ve started making meals that give lots of leftovers – chili and soups etc. Seems to help out quite a bit.


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