Posted by: Molly | January 12, 2010

Oh my!

Yesterday I went for my lining check.  If you have been before you know this is a measurement of your lining to make sure it’s thick enough to support a pregnancy.  I’ve had a lot of these u/s in the past.  Let’s just say at least 25.  Since I was sent to an imaging clinic I was not sure what to expect.  I did expect the uneducated tech and that I did get.  What I did not expect was that she’d take 39 – YES 39 pictures of the ultrasound process.  I couldn’t figure out what was taking so long.  Then after I got up I looked at the screen and the pictures were all numbered.  39.  OMG.  Hello excessive.  Can’t wait to see that bill.  Now with all the wonderful internal u/s I’ve had they have always handled Mr. Wandy.  This time I had too.  Weird.  Reach down and insert it.  Huh?  Ok maybe I’m just weird.  Totally unexpected.

The good news is my OB/GYN has a fertility coordinator on his staff – found that out this morning when I went for my chat with him.  And he set me up with her for all my future monitoring at their clinic – called her while I was in his office.  He is so helpful.  Praise the Lord!  YAY!!!!  I am so excited.  As I was leaving he said “see you when you’re prego” – yes he said prego.  I had to laugh.  Also managed to snag an H1N1 shot.  woohoo!  Now I’m just waiting to hear on my lining.  tap, tap, tap…  I have no patience.



  1. Did I read that correctly – they had you insert the wand yourself? That’s so strange! Glad your RE has you set up for future monitoring.

    • Yes – I had to insert it myself. SO WEIRD!


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