Posted by: Molly | January 7, 2010

mood swings or good luck?

I finally got some good luck?  Figured out the whole u/s monitoring dilemna today after a couple days of stressing.  There is a local imaging facility I can go too!  I was so excited and they even have a few locations.  I just had to get the prescription called in and then I got to book it.  Best part is it is after work!  I am so happy.  What luck. No missing work with a lamo excuse!  All that freaking out and frustration and I end up better off. 

After my last post we found out my husband’s company is changing his insurance contribution and all his co-pays next month.  You can make changes as they are opening it up as a special open enrollment, but still.  A pain in the arse.  His insurance will cover the monitoring and labs, but it is also $2500 MORE a year out of his check.  My contribution to get insurance at my job is now much less than his.  Nuts.  For all the labs and monitoring I am going for it’s not worth it to just keep his – my insurance will cover none of it.  And my plan’s deductible at my job is less saving us even more money.  My good news to make it all better…    Four weeks of vaca.tion this year.  I feel so blessed.  How did I get so lucky?  It will help a lot when it comes time to go for the transfer.  I won’t have to “call-in-sick”.  I still could, but I would feel uber guilty.

What a difference a couple days can make!



  1. Sounds like some really good things are happening for you. In Canada I don’t have to deal with all of that insurance stuff (or at least not as much).

    Glad you got the u/s figured out!


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