Posted by: Molly | January 5, 2010

one word: frustrated!

Pretty much sums up my day.  Finally talked to my local RE’s office – make that FORMER RE’s office and they won’t do my local labs.  WTF?  Seriously bad move on their part.  They only take care of their own patients.  Never mind they don’t do donor eggs at this time and never mind they will handle you if you are going off to Tennessee for donor embryo’s.  That doesn’t count.  I hung up on the lady I was so pissed.  I’d only called and left messages that last two weeks.  Guess this means an end to my mentioning how great they are to my local IF friends.   The RE before them is way better and worth the 45 minute drive.

So now I am trying to get my local OB to refer me to his u/s lab that is inhouse at the clinic.  Appointment is next week – same day I am supposed to get my u/s.  Great.  Also trying another local radiology lab, but I am freaking out over who might be handling Mr. Wand.  My neighbor or something awful.  It is a small town.  argh.  Hopefully my trusty nice new nurse at the new clinic will have some good ideas.  Otherwise I’m off to DC for a morning appointment and then race back to work for a half day.

oh yeah…  also had a meltdown at work.  in front of the boss.  and my assistant.  They know none of the details and I prefer to keep it that way.

and for some reason I thought Coke Zero would taste like diet Coke.  ummm… no.  Time to ditch the soda.  argh.  bad day all around.  good news is tonight is girl’s night out.  bad news…  they aren’t even married yet so they don’t get the whole baby thing and I am not about to try and explain it.  stinks being new and not knowing people.

pity party over.  back to work.



  1. That sucks about your former RE, my RE is the same way. I have to scramble to find the U/S when the time comes. Trust me, I’m with you on the frustration. I think it may actually be a plus that the girls don’t know anything about what you’re going through/understand what you’re going through… this way you can have a night focused on topics other than babies. Out of my close knit little group of friends there’s only one other woman that wants kids – she got pg their first try. She tries to understand what I’m going through, but as for the rest of them they just don’t get it.

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