Posted by: Molly | January 4, 2010


Shot #2 down! AF started up again after being quiet for a couple days after the 1st shot and now she is quiet again! Kind of nice. Hope this is the end of the road for her this month. I’m waiting to hear from my old RE’s office about monitoring for this cycle. I’m nervous. Nervous the RE is going to be mad at me for not waiting until their donor egg program is up and running. Really this is silly – I’m not waiting for them to get their act together and if I did I still wouldn’t have quite the selection that I have at the other new clinic. Boy am I talking in circles. They can’t be upset at me. And if they are so be it – this is my life! And I’m going to live it for me.
I’m also nervous that my lining isn’t going to get thick enough. My accupucturist is on vacation and I missed last week. The fill-in person this week makes me all the more nervous – I only have one appointment to try and see if accupuncture can thicken my lining – in addition to using the delestrogen. I hope it works!



  1. Just remember that you are paying for your care so you are the boss! Taking care of your needs is the most important thing.


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