Posted by: Molly | January 2, 2010

hot, hot ,hot

Estrogen makes me so hot!  I guess it’s like hot flashes?  New Years night I was up a few times just roasting.  Can only imagine if it was summer and I did do these shots in the summer too, but maybe it just blended in with the heat of the night?  I don’t think it was the few glasses of wine I had?  AF also seemed to slow down a little bit so maybe if I don’t shed it all then my lining will be all that much thicker?  So many questions and I am trying really hard to not use my friend google – only makes me more nervous and brings up more questions.

Enjoying a couple more days off work before heading back in for 2010 to begin.  I was going to paint our dining room and another bathroom, but I think I’m going to just chill and watch some TV.  We had guests from a few days before Christmas up until this morning – we are now guest free and while I am not totally exhausted I am not putting on make up or straighten my hair today.  Time to chill!  Well not so much because of the hot flashes, but relax in the chill sense of that word!



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