Posted by: Molly | January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It’s a year of new beginnings for us.  New Years kicked off with my first E2 shot as part of my mock EEP cycle.  What better way to celebrate?  AF showing up on Tuesday signaled the start of of a new beginning in this adventure of donor eggs IVF.  I hate shots, but this time it’s a love hate relationship.  To be accepted into shared risk we have to do it make sure I’m a good candidate.  ah well.   DH is quite good at giving them especially after I ice the spot for ten minutes.  I am excited to get this donor egg process started after all it did take me over 2 years to finally come to the realization that this is what we needed to do.  I was not on board with donor egg for a very long time and fought it.  Now that I am on board I feel much better about a lot of things.  It was freeing.

After the shot we hosted a little get together with our neighbors at our house.  They are new to the neighborhood so it was fun to get to know them better.  Interesting convo on infertility – more on that in a minute.  Probably should have told her what appetizer I was making.   We both made buffalo chicken dip – different ways.  Way too funny.  Since that was the majority of our “dinner” of appetizers I am now feeling a bit off.  Another new beginning will be eating healthier after all this junk over the holidays. 

So the infertility convo…  it amazes me how uneducated people are about IF.  For some reason we got on the topic of  babies – you know the “are you going to have kids” topic.  I hate that question and this time I just said “yes we do” and dropped it at that.  Leaves quite a bit hanging.  Then the neighbor guy jumps in and says he feels sorry for those ladies who have to do IF shots to get pg and how they end up with triplets.  Wow.  I think he might be amazed to know how many actually just have one.  Since I don’t know them that well yet I didn’t correct and just started talking with someone else.  They were all too young (under 30 and I am 37) to get it.  We don’t do a lot of socializing with other couples so I had not encountered much of this talk before – we like to hang out on our own and do our own thing together.  It’s not that I don’t like socializing, but we are new to our area and don’t know many people.  Before we moved our friends knew our story and it was easy to avoid those “open mouth insert foot IF” conversations.  I do like the female half of the neighbor couple quite a bit and I can see being friends with her so at some point soon I will let her in on our situation – the IVF part of it at least.  She is Catholic – as we are – and I know she knows what the church feels about birth control – can’t wait to hear her take on IVF.  LOL!  Personally I think the church is way behind the times and that God understands what we are doing – he created IVF after all.  Another topic for another day.  I’m not one to get into religious debates – I hate them.

Today will be a lazy day…  a great way to start a new year!  Hope you are surviving the holidays!



  1. Sorry you met up with an ignorant (in the truest sense of the word) fertile. It’s tough in those social settings, I can’t hold my tongue generally so I’m sure I would have given him a quick education about ivf.


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