Posted by: Molly | December 17, 2009

burst of energy

For some reason this week I’ve had a huge burst of energy.  I think the appointment last week was a bit freeing in a sense.  I feel so much better about the whole outcome of this IF nightmare and am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am going to live up these last months before we expand our family.  I know it’s going to happen and I now have more hope than I’ve had in a very long time.  It’s a good feeling.  so…   Last night I did all my Christmas cards – and yes  I did use up my picture cards – woohoo!  In all I am sending out about 40 cards so really a lot because I put in a little note and sign them all.  Yikes!  I also decided that I should replace the bulbs on our artificial tree that we have in our sitting room.  Let me warn you it is a LOT of work to do it.  If I had the money I might have bought a whole new tree and maybe after buying my strings of LED lights it might have been the same price!  First you unstring the tree.  Now this sounds simple, but those people who string them the first time tie them in knots!  Ok, I might have a cheap tree, but still. Knots?   I found some cool LED lights at Target and bought three boxes as I took off three strings.  Well I ran short.  So I had to make another trip back to Target and hope to LED light gods that there was still a box on the shelf.  I got lucky and bought the last two.  Now I am sure there are more in the back room, but I hate trying to find someone to chase them down.  I didn’t want to run out again and what if one string goes bad?  I will say it was much easier to restring the tree and it looks awesome.  It glows.  LED lights are kind of cool and growing on me.    Makes me happy!

After all that I still had energy so I wrapped all the gifts that I could find that were naked and spent about a half hour wrapping.  I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit.  I’m sort of laughing because each night this week I haven’t gotten home until 8:30 pm and I had a huge party at work today that I had to coordinate.  Lunch for 80.  Full Italian lunch.  It was sooooo good.  And it was a blast.  I should be crawling into bed exhausted but my dear hubby is coming home tonight and I haven’t seen him since Sunday.  Tomorrow I will be tired.

Still on my list…  get hubby some stocking stuffers, figure out a menu for the holiday meals, make a list for hubby to go grocery shopping (this is something I really hate doing now), wash all the floors, make a ton of beds, scour the bathrooms and make some cookies.  I need a day off!  Being this busy makes me wonder how I will do it all with kids.  And then again I might not do as much and make a few adjustments.  All worth it in the end I think.  Bring it on!



  1. Wow, you have been really busy! Hope you get everything you need to done!


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