Posted by: Molly | December 16, 2009

making time for treats

Today was a really long.  I ended up staying really late at work mainly because the bridge I have to cross to get home was backed up 12 miles.  Silly pothole.  It started last night and won’t be fixed until tomorrow morning at 6am.  It’s a very busy highway.  Where I live you have to go 20 miles north or south to cross at another bridge and I am very lucky that I can go north and be close to home.  Lots of other people have the same idea so traffic was still heavy at 7:30 tonight.  So back to the treat part of things.  Seeing how I was going to be home so late I decided I had earned a Sonic treat.  I never go there and I happen to think of this as a treat.  I know you might not like it, but for me it’s a novelty – new in the area type thing.   I really never do fast food, but it sounded so good. (and I am getting heartburn just thinking of what it might have really done to me!)   I usually talk myself out of it by the time I get there.  Today that was not going to happen – I was making deals with myself that I really did earn this.   Until I blew by the entrance!  Turning around is a major ordeal with 6 lanes of traffic and middle barrier.  So while I didn’t talk myself out of it I found it quite ironic that I “blew” this one!  Literally I blew by it.  So no treat for me.  Instead I had a crappy frozen slice of pizza once I got home.  I just have this urge to get home and hate stopping on the way. 

Tomorrow I do get a treat – Christmas lunch treat from work!  Full Italian meal with desserts!  So maybe it was the right move to not hit the breaks and pull into Sonic.  Thursday I also have a dinner party after work – another treat.  One more reason I didn’t “need” Sonic tonight.  Overall I do try to be more generous in the treat department and live life to it’s fullest.  I am not letting IF and the what if’s rule my life.  So that means wine at dinner on Thursday. If only I could have some at lunch tomorrrow!  LOL!

Do you make time for treats for you?  I’ve learned that I’m living this life once and to not skip over the little stuff with waiting on a baby.  I did that for too long and have learned to live in the moment – most of the time.



  1. Go Katie! 🙂

    You know from my latest blog that I’m spending more time on doing fun stuff. We deserve treats more than anyone ha

    Enjoy your treats hun.



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