Posted by: Molly | December 1, 2009

Nervous for the Consult

Even though we’ve been through a lot of IF stuff I have not had an actual retrival or transfer ever.  Just all the things leading up to it.  There are probably some tests we have not done, but really I don’t think they matter at this point.  I mean does it really matter if my cm is hostile or not?  Nope.  Counting my lucky stars we never had to do that test.  Command performances are not our forte!  It’s all about my eggs and they are overdone if I am to be honest. 

At some point during all this they want to do a mock cycle to see how my lining builds up.  I’m going to be very honest on this one.  I’ve had those delestrogen shots and estrogen tablets and they work – really I had an awesome lining that cycle.  So awesome all the lupron kept my eggs sleeping while my lining built up – actually that’s not awesome at all.  Except for the lining part.  I then went 8 more weeks with no period.  The end of that cycle was pretty ugly!    So I’m going to work on my best begging stratgy to use on my new RE.  I just want to get this show on the road!  Anyone out there think they might let me skip this mock cycle?  It’s not the shots I’m working to avoid – it’s the time.  I want a baby and I’m tired of waiting.

The other nervousness is traveling to a new clinic is a far away city.  Mind you it’s only 6 hours by car, but still that’s not something I can do on a daily basis.  Monitoring can be done here.  Some of that nervousness was relieved yesterday when I was given an extra week of vacation for next year.  How cool is that?  I am so excited!!!   I was planning to call in sick, but now I can be a bit more upfront about where I am going.  On vacation to a cool city.  LOL!  Do they need to know I’m on bed rest for a day.  Nope.  Too bad it will probably be cold out or I might be tempted to do that bed rest by the pool!



  1. It’s normal to be nervous about this stuff. Isn’t it exciting, though, too?! Good luck with the mock transfer whenever it happens.

  2. I know you don’t want to do the mock cycle, but I wish I had… I dropped my lining 4 days before my donor’s retrieval… It left us having to freeze everything, and lowering our chances. SUCKED!! I know the waiting is horrible, I hear you there. But being thorough is always a good plan for success… Well here’s hoping anyway! Best Wishes!

    • oh… that is a good point. I hope that by looking at my chart from that cycle they will know if I went far enough. If I need too it’s only one more month and at this point that’s nothing.


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