Posted by: Molly | November 24, 2009

in the beginning…

The first time I heard of using donor eggs – or should I say it was suggested to me was before we even did our first ivf cycle.  We had just moved from the midwest to the east coast and I was seeing Dr. Hotshot – RE#3.  I had found him on a highly respected IF website and since we were so close I called for and scored an appointment within a month.  I figured lady luck, for once, was on my side.  A few months before this visit with Dr. Hotshot I had been given the results of my very first FSH test – very first after 2 years of seeing RE#1.  Hadn’t had much luck with #1 so when the new year came around and I had new insurance we made the jump to RE#2.   The first thing RE#2 ordered was 3 day labs.   For some reason RE#1 hadn’t felt the need to test that sort of thing.  After all I was only 34.  Golly gee.  And the issue we first went to RE #1 for was my husband and his low count.  So RE#2 delivered the not so good news.  FSH was 15.6!  And resting follie count was 5.  Since then my FSH when tested – at least 10 times – has always fallen below a 5.   I tend to believe the 15.6 however because I never get more than 3 follies to develop in doing IVF.  Now it could be the protocals and that is what I am hoping RE#5 figures out.  RE#4 I’ve been with for a year and after 2 cycles falling apart with him he is pushing donor eggs and using an agency.  Just gobs and gobs of money.  For one cycle with him I can do up to 6 cycles with this new RE.  Hello.  No brainer.  I don’t care if I have to travel.

So in the beginning I wish RE#1 had tested my hormones on day 3.  And also done a resting follie count!  Maybe then I would have made it through this maze called infertility by now.  4 years later we are still on the baby train.  His clinic was one of the top in the state.  Not sure who was ranking him.  Obviously not a high FSH lady.  In looking at their stats their premature ovarian failure numbers are very low for IVF.  That is now a sign I watch for when looking at stats.  Check out what  your stats with your issue are on the SART website.  That way you can see if they find success with your issue. In my case premature ovarian failure.  Lesson learned the hard way – and one I share with other often so they can learn from my mistake.



  1. Hi Katie
    I’d definitely be interested in following your journey. I’m about to start IVF no. 1 in December. My FSH was 12 back in May and I’m hoping they’ll take that into account when they decide on the dosage or at least do another test before I start.
    Good luck with your new RE!

  2. good luck to you! I remember all those feelings. They checked my FSH before starting every cycle. Just take it one day at a time – all those shots can be a challenge if you think of it all at once. One day at a time makes it easier to digest for me.


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