Posted by: Molly | November 21, 2009

Let’s Start with Today

At this point we’ve been through a lot of IF stuff – see my about page.  So let’s just jump to today…  it is way more exciting than all the stuff we’ve been through.

We are set up to meet with yet another new RE.  The good part is that I have a lot of history.  A LOT!  So that means I get to skip A LOT of testing and other IF crap.  Been there done that.  Unfortunately.  I am hoping this means things will move faster for us.  We have settled on a clinic that allows the sharing of donors and also has a great risk sharing program.  I can take up to 6 tries.  I hope it just takes one or two and we have little ones left on ice for another try later one.  We are having to travel a ways to get there, but I get to do all my labs and ultrasounds at home.   I could go to NYC – near our home, but this program is way much better in so many ways.

So our first visit is with a counselor – to make sure we are sane and have discussed the topic throughly – and trust me this is a dead horse subject at our house.  Then we make a “sample” deposit from my hubby and I will have a mock transfer.  We get to meet the doctor.  The nurse is going to show me how to do injections.  I think I might just bring my 3 full sharps containers and hope she shows me something new.  Then we meet with the finance person and determine how we are paying for this.  Ouch!  Then we meet with the donor coordinator.  Does that sound like a full day to you?  Yikes!  I’m so excited though!  We are moving forward!

So that is our plan going forward into December.  I’m sure I will have some more thoughts to share before then!  Stay tuned!



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